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What I propose in this manifesto is a brand perspective on company culture and employee engagement. I don’t pretend to hold THE truth; it is just A (my) truth. This is based on my experience in brand and marketing strategy, customer insights, marketing automation. I simply believe that the same Customer Experience (CX) processes can be applied (and some of them tweaked) to Employee Experience (EX).

In my opinion, EX is the next biggest innovation. Companies who will thrive will be the ones with a strong employee experience. Why? Because they will attract and retain top talents in a fierce and competitive hiring market. Is YOUR company one of them?

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  • What does your employer brand stand for? 
  • What’s your employee value proposition? 
  • What’s your employee experience like?


Stephan Vincent

I'm a brand and customer experience strategist with a passion for employer branding and employee experience. I believe that in the war of attracting and retaining top talents, companies must focus on their employer brand as a differentiator to remain competitive.


eX Podcast & eX Summit

Additionally, I've launched eX Podcast and  eX Summit - a series of local events - to develop awareness and educate on the topic of employee experience.


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Companies must change their corporate mindset into a consumer brand mindset when it comes to engaging with their employees.

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